Rod Melancon in Katalin Uppsala Sweden. (Photo: Fredrik Bolander) Rod Melancon in Katalin Uppsala Sweden. (Photo: Fredrik Bolander)

Review: High intensity by Rod Melancon at Katalin (eng)

2019-05-11 - 22:44

Tuesday night the Louisiana born artist, Rod Melancon visited Uppsala and Katalin for the second time. We got to enjoy an explosive but also very dynamic and variated show.


The songs of Rod Melancon are built upon strong stories that are made even stronger by the poweful rock music. When Rod and the band enters the Katalin stage, calls from the audience are heard, "We missed you Rod" he answers back in a spontanious manner "I missed you too" with his cool Louisiana drawl. He strums a chord on his Gibson guitar and tells us that they will start by playing the music from the entire new album, Pinkville and then continue with some older material.


From Austin, Texas, Rod is bringing the guitarist and his true musical companion, Will Walden. Both of them are residing in Austin since some time now. Two of the other three musicians also played with Rod and Will on last years tour. Albin Linder on drums and Rasmus Fors on keyboards. The two of them also plays together in the swedish band Jetbone. Their bandmember and bassplayer Gustav Sjödin from last years tour could not participate this year so instead of him, Jonatan Eriksson handles the bassplaying.


The band gives such a stable and tight impression from the start. It is hard to believe that it is only the second gig together for this constellation.


Will Waldens cool guitar riff starts up the song Pinkville in a suggestive way. Rods spoken word is telling a story from when he was a child. His family owned a crawfish pond in Louisiana, and every time they were passing by on their way there, they saw this Vietnam veteran walking back and forth in his frontyard. The last notes of the introductory song Pinkville is effectfully woven together with the Tom Waits song Going out West after Rod Starts it up by yelling One, Two, Three, Four and the music just explodes.


The music as well as Rod Melancons voice are both very powerful. He sings with such strength that he almost bursts. Rod later also shows us that he can also sing soft with a warm voice. Will Waldens guitarplaying is awesome. He's really an inventive guitarplayer with a lot of attitude and drive in his playing.


In the beginning of the gig, they are going all in, rocking at full throttle. Rods own composition Westgate is also a tough rocker.


Rod tells us that things got messed up getting his merch transported here. This, unfortunately, means that there will be no albums or other merch available after the show. Express delivery is ordered from England so hopefully he will have albums for sale at tomorrows gig in Norrtälje. That does not really help y'all he adds. The next song is based on his own experiences of a lost weekend. Three years ago Rod went through rehab and he bas been clean since then. The title of the song is Rehabilitation. Rod sings with a lot of feeling and is really sharing his personal experiences.


All together, Rod Melancon is a great storyteller. His cool Louisiana drawl and articulation really make you listen to what he says. He gives a genuine and real impression. The explosive rockers as well as the more country influensed songs are making his expression even stronger and fits like a glove with his great lyrics. Rod often turns towards the other musicians on stage and seems to show them his gratitude.


The Hearbreakers is a great tribute to the late Tom Petty. The song is ended by the words, Rock'n Roll can never die, Tom Petty can never die. There is quite a lot of truth in those lines. Tom Petty, as well as all other artists music lives on even after they have passed away. The song Manic Depression is ended in a wild valse, very appropiate.


Rod is telling us that he is enjoying being in Sweden without having to freeze this time. Last year when he was here in January and February it was cold and lots of snow. The version of Bruce Springsteens 57 Channels is full of cool guitar riffs and licks by Will Walden. Spoken word is frequently used in Rod Melancons songs, so also in the beginning of the song Cobra.


The second part of the gig is filled with older songs or as Rod expresses it, of hits that nobody has heard. According to the reaction from the crowd, this is not so. We get to hear songs from the two previous albums. Songs, such as Perry, Lights of Carencro, Redhead, Duck Festival Queen, Marella and others.


Rod tells us about the artist Freddy Fender who used to work in a carwash in Corpus Christi in southern Texas. That was before Fender had a smash hit and did not have to wash anybody elses car no more. The title of Rods song is Corpus Christi Carwash. It is one of the new songs from Pinkville even though it is played in the second part of the gig. The next song we get to hear is Wanna go for a Ride. It was used for a TV- commercial for Toyota. It made me not have to worry for six months, says Rod.


They are finishing the main set with Different Man. A song that is moving from a slow and calm start to a real explosion. When the band is leaving stage, Will Walden places his guitar in front of his amplifier and it makes a thunderous sound even after the stage is empty. For encores Will and Rod comes back out to play Dwayne and Me and Feathers together.


When they finally leave the stage and and the lights are turned on in the club, everybody believes that the gig is over. Rod enters the stage again only to pick up his cellphone. He is quickly talked in to playing one more song solo. He picks up his guitar and sings Highway 29 by Bruce Springsteen. To my big surprise and happiness he also dedicates the song to me. I'm not the only one that is pleased with the concert.


People are gathering around Rod and the other musicians after the show as they are mingling in the crowd. Will Walden is dipping his left hands fingers in a glass of icewater in the bar. He tells me that he used thicker strings than usual and that his fingertips really took a hard blow. A guitarist that has played so that his fingertips are nearly bleeding is symbolic to the intensity of this great show.


English translation is dedicated to Rods parents Timala and Lonnie Melancon.


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  • Sandra kvar i idol

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  • Fagerstedt slutar som museichef

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  • Sandra vidare i Idol 2013

    Sandra Wikström från Uppsala har gått vidare i ytterligare en delfinal i musiktävlingen Idol som pågår just nu på TV4. I fredagens tävling framförde Sandra låten "Empire state of mind" av Alicia Keys & Jay Z.

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